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Ocean Energy trading business focuses on crude oil, petroleum products and petrochemicals. We are based in Singapore, the leading oil trading hub in Asia and third largest worldwide. This location benefits us of dynamic access to international energy source. Ocean Energy’s team are meticulous in sourcing various key grades commodity from wide ranges of reliable suppliers worldwide. Aliasing with strong counterpart of oil majors network, we have gained a strong uphold of oil market with trading volume of over 23.5 million metric tonnes and over USD12 billion turnover yearly. The strong network, strategically located storage and skilled logistics are translated into effectiveness of supply and value. Ocean Energy experience and understanding of oil market enable us to implement robust management framework against volatile situation.

Crude Oil

We partner with major oil companies and international trading houses to procure and supply the appropriate crude oil to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Sourcing of crude oil from all over the world – including the Persian Gulf, West Africa, Latin America and the Far East – allows us to offer economical options at the best price points and value to our clients.

We also use derivative tools to trade, as opposed to trading in physical oil, thus minimising price movements and mitigating against price risks. Despite an uncertain market and fluctuations in oil price, Ocean Energy has seen a steady growth in volume on a yearly basis.

Through the years, we have established counterparty relationships with an extensive network of reputable players in the energy market.

Petroleum Products

One of the active players in the PLATTS MOPS pricing assessment, Ocean Energy has been registered on PLATTS to engage in trading with all major players for petroleum products like gasoil, jet fuel, mogas, fuel oil, Naphtha, etc. Specialising in sourcing, procurement, pricing, transportation and distribution of daily-used fuels and energy, we have secured multiple term contracts for petroleum products with national oil companies.

We, are also actively engaging in storage terminals in Asia Pacific to optimise our cargo. By establishing long-term business relationships with reliable partners that adhere to international standards of operation, we provide value-added services to meet the demands of our regional end-users based in Vietnam, China, Philippines, Korea and Indonesia.


Ocean Energy’s petrochemical team is focused on supplying a wide range of aromatics and olefin petrochemicals as well as gases heavily used in the midstream and downstream sectors of the oil industry. These products include liquefied petroleum gas, mixed aromatics, benzene, toluene, mixed xylene, styrene, ethylene, methanol and light cycle oil.