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Ocean Energy is incorporated in 2008 with the objective of connecting global supply and demand of oil and gas industry around the world. Our core business is sourcing, supplying and trading commodities from crude to oil products and petrochemical. With strong understanding on diversity of international energy market, we execute trading with valuable insights and strategic assets operation. Our foundation enables us to optimize supply chain from business management on oil production service, transport storage to delivery of products.

With almost a decade of industry experience, Ocean Energy is proficient in handling commodity in accordance with international standard. Rooted in Singapore as Asia’s oil trading hub, we have fulfilled specialised need of clients and transported a few hundred million barrels of petroleum across Asia Pacific. With years of dedication and focus, Ocean Energy is humbled to be ranked as a top 1000 Enterprises in Singapore by DP Information Group in its annual “Rankings”. We are pleased to have qualified under Global Trader Programme (GTP), a tax incentive scheme with stringent criteria including substantial operations, quantitative benchmark, strategic functions as well as supporting contributions to manpower development in Singapore. Onwards, we will continue to maximise opportunity for growth and distribution regionally and globally.


Ocean Energy aspires to be a premier player in the energy market through its expertise and professionalism.


To be a trustworthy and reliable long-term trading partner with esteemed counterparties by providing premium service and quality products.

Ocean Energy’s continuous effort to establish market credibility has enabled us to transact directly with most of the world’s largest multinational oil majors, global trading houses and national oil companies – ranging from producers and refiners to receivers.

Competitive Advantages

Comprehensive expertise in international commodities trading;

Strong market presence with vast resources and connections in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China and Indonesia;

Streamlined supply and demand, arranged directly with suppliers and end-users, and accomplished through efficient logistics;

Dedicated operational support with prompt response;

Strong financial support from leading international banks;

Dedicated service delivered with professionalism and passion.